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Product Introduction
Water retaining agent POS-01 can greatly improve property of slump retention and water retention during transportation and pumping of concrete and slightly assist to retard.
Principle of Function
Suitable for pumping concrete. Especially suitable for railway, traffic, bridge, subway, and electric power and so on.
Production Characteristic
  1. Good adhesion, excellent workability, non-layer, without segregation and bleeding.
  2. Wide adaptability, excellent slump retention and water retention to ordinary silicate cement, silicate cement, slag silicate cement and all kinds of blendings.
  3. Environment-friendly, no formaldehyde and other harmful materials.
Methods of Use
The dosage is 0.1—0.5‰ of cementing material during concrete construction. It isadvisable to make trial mixes before use.
Package & Storage
200 kg drum or IBC tank, stored at 0-35℃, far away from sunlight. The shelf-life is six months.
Handling Notes
  1. It is free from alkaline. It is not toxic, hazardous, and corrosive. It is inedible.
  2. When it contacts to eyes and skin, the affected area shall be immediately rinsed with plenty of water for minutes. Consult the physician if the irritation persists.

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