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Hydrophilic polyester copolymer
Quality Specification
Item Specification
Appearance Light yellow solid
Stability (10% aq.solution) Clear milk white liquid No demixing within 12 hours
Viscosity (20% aq.solution at 60℃) ≤100
It is a compound of polyester, polyether and high molecular hydrophilic polymer and be mixed with water, nonionic, anionic and cationic. It contains ester structure similar to polyester, in the course of finishing process, the structure makes one end of antistatic molecule embed into polyester molecules and form eutectic crystal or eutectic mixture with polyester, which can endow polyester with excellent washing resistance.
It endows the fabric with good stain resistant, soil-releasing and hydrophilic properties. KLP-059 can solve efficiently partial stain of organic electroconductive fibre and have no influence on color of final products. It can mix with hydrophilic amino silicon oil or amino silicon oil for improving softness and wrinkle resistant.
Preparing Method
  1. Moisture pick-up and quick drying finishing: 20%-30% content, the dosage for printing and dyeing factories is 10-20g/l
  2. Antistatic finishing: 15%-20% content, the dosage for printing and dyeing factories is 10-30g/l
  3. Hydrophilic finishing: 8%-15% content, the dosage for printing and dyeing factories is 20-40g/l
  4. Leveling agent of oligomer retardant at high temperature and pressure: 15%-20 content, the dosage for printing and dyeing factories is 2-4% (relative to fabrics)
  5. Preparing auxiliaries for water absorbent softener, easily soil-release finishing agent, stain resistant agent of white area, etc.
After adding KL-08 in amino silicon oil, any catalyst won’t be added any more, only putting appropriate solvent and reacting by increasing temperature. We suggest the proportion between amino silicon oil and KL-08 is1.2-1.8:1(by weight), then adding isopropyl alcohol (3%) by total weight of silicon oil and KL-08, increasing temperature to 84-94℃ and stirring 5 hours, remained isopropyl alcohol doesn’t influence on usage. When using hydrophilic amino silicon oil, directly take 20g modified amino silicon oil in 80g 60℃ water and stir 15 minutes, thus get semi-transparent solution, then adding proper ice acetic acid to adjust PH value at 4-5, solution wil be clear, then directly dilute to required concentration by water for finishing.
Note: Amino silicon oil must adopt tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide as catslyst to produce. After finished reacting, catalyst will be fully destroyed by increasing temperature. If used in silicon oil produce by alkali metal, crosslinking and gel phenomena will appear. If amino silicon oil is stored long time, when KL-08 react with it, crosslinking and gel phenomena will easily appear.
Eg: Preparing 20% solution
  1. Adding 20g samples in 15-20g water, then increasing temperature to melt at 80-90℃ and stirring till no granule appear.
  2. Adding 15-20g water again, temperature keeps at 80-90℃ and stirring uniformly.
  3. Adding 15-20g water again, keeping the same temperature and stirring uniformly, then the remained water will be added totally and stirring uniformly to cool.
  4. Cooled product is milk white cream, if used, should be warmed to liquid at 40℃.
25kg bag. It is nonhazardous and should be stored in cool and ventilated place.

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