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Polyethylene glycol ether condensation
Quality Specification
Apparance Colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Moisture % ≤0.3
PH 5~7
Color APHA ≤100
EO value ≥1.76
Typical properties
KL-08 is a hydrophilic nonionic surfactant with high active reaction group. It is specialized in hydrophilic modifier for amino silicon oil. Amino silicon oil modified by this product imparts good hydrophilicity, moisture-absorbing, air-conducvity to the fabric, which make the fabric comfortable and loose for wearing. When reacting with amino silicon oil, any catalyst needn’t be added. The proportion between amino silicon oil and KL-08 is 1.2-1.8:1(by weight). It is suitable for hydrophilic modier of low viscosity amino silicon oil. We should consider relation of amino equivalent and yellowing, softness when choosing amino silicon oil. Tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide must be used in the producing process amino silicon oil.
After mixing with amino silicon oil, adding proper isopropyl alcohol (IPA) as solvent, increasing to 84-94℃, stirring about 5 hours and getting hydrophilic amino silicon oil series.
After adding KL-08 in amino silicon oil, any catalyst won’t be added any more, only putting appropriate solvent and reacting by increasing temperature. We suggest the proportion between amino silicon oil and KL-08 is1.2-1.8:1(by weight), then adding isopropyl alcohol (3%) by total weight of silicon oil and KL-08, increasing temperature to 84-94℃ and stirring 5 hours, remained isopropyl alcohol doesn’t influence on usage. When using hydrophilic amino silicon oil, directly take 20g modified amino silicon oil in 80g 60℃ water and stir 15 minutes, thus get semi-transparent solution, then adding proper ice acetic acid to adjust PH value at 4-5, solution wil be clear, then directly dilute to required concentration by water for finishing.
Note: Amino silicon oil must adopt tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide as catslyst to produce. After finished reacting, catalyst will be fully destroyed by increasing temperature. If used in silicon oil produce by alkali metal, crosslinking and gel phenomena will appear. If amino silicon oil is stored long time, when KL-08 react with it, crosslinking and gel phenomena will easily appear.
Packing & Storage
200kg iron drum or plastic drum. It is nonhazardous and should be stored in cool and ventilated place.

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