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F-1088 is a new polycarboxylate macromonomer derived from F-108.
  1. High water reduction, high early strength, low alkali, low foam, low energy consumption.
  2. High slump retention, increase 5% than that of F-108 on the same water reducing rate.
  3. Compounding with unique monomer, mixing volume is 0.6% by F-1088.
  4. Easy to polymerize.
Physical & Chemical properties
Items Units Specification
Visual Appearance / White to yellowish flake
Hydroxyl value MgKOH/g 23.5±2.0
PH (5%aq.solution) / 8.0-11.0
Degree of unsaturation Mol/kg ≥0.390
Packing & storage
Packed in 25kg bag, shelf-life is 1 year and stored at cool and ventilated place.

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